This forum is mainly designated for leaders of French International Solidarity Organizations (ISOs), i.e. NGOs, the French Red Cross, and Foundations, at the level of Presidencies and Directorates. It is also open to certain key public and private partners (be they French, European or international), as well as to leading figures, experts, and academicians who can provide insight on the topics of discussions, and together with the participants, compare analysis and share experiences.

More specifically, qualified individuals are broken down into two groups:

Representatives of humanitarian structures (NGOs, the Red Cross movement, as well as other organizations involved in humanitarian action) that include:

  • Presidents and/or Directors of French humanitarian organizations,
  • President and/or Director of Coordination SUD, of Coordination Humanitaire et Développement (CHD), and of VOICE
  • President and/or Director of ICRC
  • the ICRC French Delegate
  • Director of CONCORD, ICVA, SCHR, and InterAction
  • President or Director of organizations involved in humanitarian action (donors, foundations, teaching institutes, etc.)
  • Head of the Humanitarian Commission of Coordination SUD

Experts and qualified leading figures personally invited to punctually attend specific topics of discussion at the FEH.

The number of participants has been intentionally restricted to 70 to 80 people to facilitate group interaction and enliven the discussions. The program having been designed with a global perspective, leaders are strongly encouraged to stay for the entire duration of the forum and to take an active part in enriching the debate and bringing forth new ideas.