FEH “le OFF”

During the 9th edition of the Forum Espace Humanitaire held in Annecy in April 2022, a plenary session was devoted to the future of the FEH. Following some of the suggestions made at this meeting, the FEH Organising Committee proposed experimenting with a new frequency: a traditional FEH in Annecy every two years (instead of 18 months at present), alternating with an FEH open to fewer participants in the Paris region called FEH “le OFF”.

In September 2022, members of the Strategic Orientation Council (COS) approved the experimentation of this new frequency. This change will make it possible to maintain the traditional venue in Annecy every 2 years and to have, in the intervening year, a meeting with fewer participants and a shorter duration. The FEH “le OFF” is intended solely for CEOs and Presidents. The first edition of the FEH “le OFF” took place on Friday 29 September 2023 with an informal dinner to close the event.

The FEH “le OFF” was held in the Paris region, but far enough away from Paris to retain a “retreat” format. The venue chosen for the first edition was the Sciences Po campus in Saint-Germain-en-Laye. A round-table discussion with some FEH participants and Sciences Po students occurred the day before the event to allow for dialogue with the students.